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MacBooster is an effective tool that can help Mac users to solve these issues after downloading and using this application. This application is a excellent and amazing tool that spped up protect your Mac system efficiently. If user facing trouble while boot there PC or taking too much time to response might be the formation of too many unnecessary or junk files over there. So to deal with this situation the software offers to clean unwanted delete junk files, detect and remove computer threats and also remove unwanted or duplicate files that taken large disk space over Mac system. The MacBooster 4 Download also helps user to Uninstall unused applications that won't easily go way. The software is designed using innovative technology such a way that it helps to run your Mac machine fast and safely.

Easy Steps To Install MacBooster

Step 1: Download MacBooster

Step 2: After Downloading, run the exe file on PC.

Step 3: Choose the location where you want to Install the MacBooster.

Step 4: Select the destination folder & locate file named as notes.txt.

Step 5: Launch it and follow the instructions one after another step.

After following this easy MacBooster Installation steps you can easily install MacBooster. When you launch the application you get the default screen.

Default Screen: Default screen is the system status window. On its left panel it describes all its features of MacBooster by categorizing in four groups besides System status.

Group 1: System Risks, which includes Malware Scan, Realtime Protection and Privacy Clean.

Group 2: Cleaner, which includes System Junk, Uninstaller, and Large Files Cleaner.

Group 3: Booster, which includes Extensions Manager, Performance Booster, and Startup Optimization.

Group 4: Tools, which lists three practical tools i.e Duplicates Finder, File Eraser, and Photo Sweeper.

System status: By using this features, it allow user to easily assess the scanning results. Here, it shows Mac system’s status.

Malware Scan: Malware Scan feature provides protecting to your system from different malware and deliver best solution to solve them in order to make your Mac system healthy and safe.

Realtime Protection : This features helps in detecting harmful files, websites, DNS, etc and also help you to remove them easily from Mac system.

Privacy Clean : Here, you can clean download and browsing history, recent items list as well as removes app traces and protect the system.

System Junk: This features clean unnecessary items created by your Mac system and the applications. You need to click clear button in order to remove those junks and free spaces.

Large Files Cleaner: By using this features you can locate, view and delete large files, folders and applications in very simple way.

Extensions Manager: This option displays all extensions related to your web browser and upon your requirement you can remove it. It also removes 3rd party extensions and ensure safe browsing over the Internet.

Performance Boost: Performance Boost feature helps to clean your Mac thoroughly and make you to achieve max performance and run as new system. This can be done by optimizing application, RAM as well as it does disk permission fix.


Startup Optimization: By the help of this, list all login items on the Mac system. Here you can click disable button if you don’t need them as well as you can click Add item button to let your favorite items run.

Duplicates Finder: It’s newly added feature that quickly delete all the duplicate files present on your Mac System. Make use of clear list button to clear all the duplicate files.

File Eraser: It helps you to delete unwanted files and make them unrecoverable.

Photo Sweeper :- Using this, you can easily find out repeated or duplicate photos and deleted them easliy.


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